Our Work

The core of our business is solving problems.

Whether that means creating a software solution from scratch or augmenting your team to bring a project to market can be determined in discovery. But, before then, it might help to take a look at a few recently completed projects to get a sense for how we can help you and your business.

Recently Completed Projects

Amazon & UPS Warehouses

The level of product churn that Amazon and UPS warehouses experience is immense. With thousands of employees moving tons of product around expansive warehouses, there is little time to maintain a training environment tailored to both new hires and experienced employees. The challenge was how to onboard and up skill employees in a safe and cost effective manner utilizing virtual reality technology.

Read more about our Heavy Duty VR solution.

Cyanna Education Services

Cyanna provides a host of Education Services, including curriculum creation, admissions processing, compliance and accreditation, and software solutions to corporations, career schools, and institutions of higher education.

Cyanna sought to position itself as a forward thinking organization with the capability of delivering software solutions to education providers in need of an online presence. EDlumina was born out of this need.

More about the EDlumina solution.

Licensing & Accreditation needs Automation

Sometimes clients bring us problems to solve and sometimes we identify them ourselves. In the case of EDvera, we recognized the need for workflow automation for organizations that frequently process complex licensing, permitting and accreditation forms. EDvera was built from scratch to address that need.

More about EDvera’s Automation Processes.

The Works

The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology is an interactive museum for families of all ages! Experience central Ohio's best destination for hands-on discovery with local history, art, science, and glassblowing. While shut down during the global pandemic, The Works was exploring options to engage its audience and stakeholders in nontraditional ways.

Read more about the creation of a 3D Mastodon.

If your business is dealing with a technology problem that sounds similar to the above, or if you have a unique situation that needs a custom solution, we can help.