Client: Edvera

Licensing & Accreditation Automation Platform

EDvera Case Study

Licensing & Accreditation needs Automation

Client Problem:

Sometimes clients bring us problems to solve and sometimes we identify them ourselves. In the case of EDvera, we recognized the need for workflow automation for organizations that frequently process complex licensing, permitting and accreditation forms. EDvera was built from scratch to address that need.

Origami Interactive Solution

EDvera was built to be highly flexible to meet the needs of any client we work with. This includes configurable workflow definitions, automating review processes and notifications, and centralizing and digitizing documents and applications. Additionally, EDvera was built to be a 100% cloud-based application, taking advantage of the high-availability and security of AWS.

In addition to development services provided to EDvera, Origami Interactive also provides oversight and management of their cloud-infrastructure.


EDvera is now the go-to solution for automating the complicated licensing and accreditation processes of these organizations:

  • Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
  • Kansas Board of Regents
  • State of Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission
  • Ohio Department of Higher Education
  • Mississippi Community College Board
  • COMTA - Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation