Client: Cyanna Education Services

Educational Technology Solution

Cyanna provides a host of Education Services, including curriculum creation, admissions processing, compliance and accreditation, and software solutions to corporations, careers schools and institutions of higher education.

EDlumina Case Study

Cyanna Education Services

Client Problem:

Born out of the goal to connect compliance and technology for the education sector, and with the stated mission of empowering learners, education providers and training organizations to effectively advance access to, and quality of, education to devoted learners around the world, Cyanna needed to position itself as a forward thinking organization with the capability of delivering software solutions to education providers in need of an online presence. EDlumina was born out of this need.

The education industry, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, has had to quickly adapt to a more technological approach - not only the way they impart knowledge, but also in the way they manage themselves. In a world full of options, it becomes increasingly difficult and taxing to optimize the software resources at your disposal to effectively manage your institution and make sure your students and clients have the same ease of access as well.

The lifecycle of a student extends beyond the time of just their consumption of knowledge or their financial contributions to an institution. The process begins at the first point of contact and extends well beyond the delivery of their final transcript. For a process that is lengthy and demanding - often rotating through different key objectives - there are no software solutions to help institutions manage their flow. Additionally, with existing software tools targeted solely at different points of the student lifecycle, there is a lot of work, as well as a fair bit of confusion, that comes with trying to make online education a synchronous process for both students and admins alike.

Origami Interactive Solution

We conceived EDlumina as a solution to manage and improve admissions and enrollment processes for schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education. After we initially developed EDlumina for our client, the platform has steadily evolved over the past decade to meet the growing needs of our diverse market. Each version of EDlumina has been a cloud-based, online solution, and over time EDlumina’s CRM grew to include many digital features that help schools move away from the rigors of traditional paper files & lead management: online forms & document storage, custom workflows and robust reporting options.

Beyond admissions and enrollments, EDlumina offers solutions for the entire student life cycle: from the ability to sell courses and collect payments online, to managing student and classroom data in an online student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS), and even into the creation of immersive, educational experiences in virtual reality. EDlumina can help schools or organizations monitor, engage, and improve the success rates of students, from enrollment to graduation and beyond– all while allowing their staff to be more efficient and informed.

As the industry evolves, we continue to partner with our client to develop software and services to grow EDlumina.